Whether you’re planning a neighborhood, designing or building a single house or an entire development, or remodeling an existing home, these are attributes you’ll certainly want to offer your customers. And you can — by including vinyl siding as the exterior cladding of choice. Vinyl siding, architectural trim, and accessories can achieve surprising results.

Vinyl siding makes homes and neighborhoods look special and different, which attracts people who want to buy or own a home. It also helps create communities that are attractive and valuable for a long time.

Various Options

Vinyl siding now comes in a wide range of dark colors, in addition to the traditional pastel and earthy options. Subsequently, these include bold shades like barn red, hunter green, sage green, deep blue, and others. Hence there are around 350 colors that meet the ASTM standards for vinyl siding color retention. Therefore this means that the shades you choose will not change much in different climates, however.


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Siding protects your home from water damage and adds curb appeal to your exterior. Call on Millennium Roofing and Construction for professional installation of a variety of types! We can install different types of siding like Vinyl, Cedar, Fiber cement, or Insulated vinyl. Contact us now for a free estimate!

Siding Advantages for your home

Homeowners have long appreciated the numerous advantages that vinyl siding offers and its popularity has continued to soar over the years. When you opt for vinyl siding, you not only benefit from its attractive color options but also from its exceptional durability.

In comparison to siding made from other materials like wood, cement fiber, and aluminum, vinyl siding demonstrates superior durability. Its flexibility and durability stem from the presence of PVC resins and other elements. Unlike wood, vinyl siding does not deteriorate, rot, or succumb to wear and tear. Similarly, unlike aluminum siding, it remains dent-resistant due to the acrylic components it contains.

Vinyl won’t show signs of age or damage. It won’t dent, and it won’t have blemishes or scratches. Vinyl keeps its color and doesn’t scratch or fade because it’s part of the material, not just on the surface. That’s why houses with vinyl siding still look new after many years.

Siding is a very important decision for your home.
Siding can help protect your home from water damage

Installation Service

We install siding on the exterior of the home. Therefore, it will face exposure to various weather elements and potential damage from pests and animals. Its durability enables it to withstand harsh elements of nature as well as provide protection to your home.

It has a great ability to withstand high winds (usually up to 110 mph or stronger). The compositions of vinyl siding give it a good resistance against heat, water, wind, snow, rain, and ice. So, you will not have to worry about damage from these elements.

Enjoy the benefits

Many people greatly favor vinyl siding in contemporary homes because of its durability. Besides, it comes in an array of colors and grains and is also very cost-effective. That is why you should consider purchasing vinyl siding and installing it on your home. This way, you can get to enjoy long-lasting protection against the weather, temperature, pests, and insects.