aboutMillennium Roofing and Construction is owned by Jeremy Lack, who comes from an Insurance Adjuster background. During his seven years of experience as an Insurance Adjuster for Allstate, Jeremy saw many homeowners being taken advantage of by almost every type of home construction contractor. Jeremy was inspired to create a roofing and construction company founded on integrity — a company that would offer affordable construction in the Norman, Oklahoma area, and would serve residential and commercial customers with a variety of roofing and construction needs. Jeremy formed an LLC in 2008 and created Millennium Roofing and Construction. Millennium Roofing and Construction’s mission is to bring honesty, integrity, and value to homeowners and commercial clients in the Norman, Oklahoma region and beyond, including Oklahoma City, Dallas, and the South.

Millennium Construction Is Here To Serve You

At Millennium Roofing, we’re uniquely positioned to serve you. We want to sustain our relationship with you, our customer, so that you count on us, again and again, when you have roofing or construction issues that need resolving. Our goal is not only to meet the roofing and construction needs of our customers, but to leave them with a satisfying experience, one which they will tell their neighbors about. Whether you need a small leak repaired or a large roof replaced, Millennium Roofing and Construction will be there for you with a commitment to customer service, attention to detail, and quality workmanship. We believe that giving as much useful information as possible will help us earn your business. Please review our website and learn as much as possible before making any decisions about your home improvement needs. We also encourage you to request a free roof inspection by one of our qualified Field Representatives to see if you have any roof damage that may qualify for replacement by your insurance company.